used to be a fairly simple process (well once you found the right page) on Amazon UK to find your Amazon digital credit. While there was no super easy was to see it before placing an order, it was featured on the ‘How To Check Your Account for Digital Music Credit‘ page. Now though, the click-through balance link on that page is gone and you’re instead presented with instructions on how to check for the balance while looking for music. Of course though, you may want to buy Kindle books with your digital credits and in those situations there seems to be no easy ‘one click’ link now, and instead you have to go through to pages of items you have no intention of purchasing. Rather annoying!

I did spot that you can check your digital balance on Amazon Video pages though (much in the ssame way you can do with music), so maybe this will eventually be extended to Kindle book purchases too. To find your digital balance on Amazon Video pages, click on a video you want to rent or purchase and then ‘More Purchase Options’, then ‘Redeem a gift card or promotion credit’ and your balance is then presented to you. Why they don’t put it in a more straightforward location I’ll never know!

Many people build up decent numbers of ‘No Rush Delivery’ credits as a result of having Amazon Prime and it’s a pity that it’s sometimes diffficult to know if you’ve actually spent money when making a digital purchase, on account that it’s tricky to find out the value of the credits you actually have. Add into the mix the various expiry dates of the credits (not displayed anywhere!) and the fact that sometimes credits attained through purchasing DVDs can only be used to purchase Digital Video products, and it’s all a bit of a mess!