It seems like only a stone’s throw back when powerbanks were viewed as entirely optional and often even a bit of a novelty – their uses were pretty limited. How times have changed though. Nowadays, over half of the electronic devices I own are USB chargeable, a night and day shift from the past. From the obvious (mp3 players, mobile phones and tablets) to the less common but still often essential (USB torches, fans, lamps, alarm clocks… the list goes on), powerbanks have become something of a ‘must have’.

I’ve owned a few of these handy units over recent years, some with a higher capacity or more reliability than others, so have a reasonably good idea of what I’m looking for where powerbanks are concerned. After getting my hands on the Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger I had high hopes from the outset. Anker is fast becoming one of the ‘go to’ brands for this kind of item and so I expected in advance that I’d be getting more than my money’s worth here.

This Anker PowerCore charger has a 10000 mah capacity, which in my experience is something of a sweet spot, for when I’m away from home and need a charger that’s useful (providing a few charges for my mobile phone for instance) but not overly weighty. Speaking of which, it has to be said that this power bank is unusually lightweight and compact for its capacity. That’s ideal for me as it means that storing or transporting the charger is straight forward.

More on the capacity, the powerbank is stated to charge an iPhone 6s three and a half times and a Samsung Galaxy S6 three times. As an S6 owner this mirrrors my direct experience of the product. The Voltage Boost and PowerIQ features ensure that devices are charged fast too. Arriving with a handy travel pouch, USB cable and generous 18 month warranty, this item certainly gets a thumbs up from me.