Following my positive experience with the SoundPEATS Q16 Truely Wireless Stereo Bluetooth 4.2 Headphones with Mic I decided to try out a couple more products from the company.

I’m of the optinion that you can never have too many pairs of earphones. I’ve been through a lot in my time, some expensive, and some cheap and cheerful and so feel that I now have a good idea of what I’m looking for in terms of price point, longevity and sound quality.

Both of these pairs fall at what I would class as a great value pricepoint, coming in at under £13 each, both sport a stylish modern look and reviews-wise they are frequently praised by buyers. The B30 costs marginally more and in my view is still a good option on account that in addition to top quality sound it also features a microphone, which is great for use with skype and the like. In addition they have an in-line control and are a good fit too – very comfortable to wear.

The B50 has aspects that may make it your choice to though, so it’s not easy to choose between the two. In my view, the design of the B50 is appealing and the sound quality top notch, from deep bass and clear, crisp tones. The earphones comes with replacable earbuds ensuring that they’re the perfect fit. These work great with my mp3 player and are just what I was looking for.

So in summary, these are both good quality pairs of earphones at an inviting pricepoint. They come with a 12-month warranty too so that box is ticked too! Recommended!

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Packing for my travels is something I certainly don’t look forward to. I often find that it’s hard to create any meaningful level of organisation no matter how I fold or position my clothing. I frequently end up needing to ‘re-organise’ because sometimes as soon as open my case, it’s back to square one with a huge mess to deal with.

These compression packing cubes have helped make a big difference during my latest adventure abroad. Primarily I found that they’re useful in that I can seperate different clothes into each cube (in one I placed underwear and ts-hirts, in other trousers and tops). Another big advantage in that the compression technology acts as a real space saver. This is perfect for when there you’re short on space – as I often am when travelling as I try to go with just a carry on bag where possible. This can be especially important due to airport bag size restrictions.

The cubes (1 large, 2 small + shoe bag) have a classy look to them and are very well made indeed. The cubes have a breathable mesh cover, reinforced handle and more. This is a great lightweight item. The life time guarentee shows the company have faith in their product too, and so this provides me with peace of mind!

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This is a rather unique addition to my existing headphone collection. Like many I used to have numerous pairs of wired headphones, each somehow becoming more tangled than the next! From there, I gradually became more geared towards bluetooth headsets and technology. Now I find myself with these SoundPEATS Q16 headphones with microphone and I’ve found that these have the convenience factor and resulted in me being less restricted while listening to music, whether working, or going for a run.

This pair by SoundPEATS really do take things a level further on account that these are two individual earphones, not connected together like most existing bluetooth sets on the market. This totally cable free experience works really well. I found that they’re great for effortlessly sharing a movie or music with a friend, though of course as an individual it’s a great set to use too in both mono and stereo modes. The inbuilt microphone makes this perfect for use with Skype and similar chat apps.

These headphones have a classy, premium look to them and fall at a pricepoint that feels about right (and is preference to going the ‘cheap and cheerful’ alternative route). The product reviews for this speak volumes and echo my experience that this head of headphones offer a superior audio experience, and the earphones have a nice feel and fit to them too. They are easy to pair with just about every device under the sun (mobiles, tablets, laptop etc) via bluetooth 4.2 technology and come with a generous 12 month warranty, offering peace of mind in the purchase! Recommended!

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