Amazon Free Delivery Hack

free deliveryYes, yes, I know, everything is called a ‘hack’ nowadays, so I shouldn’t jump on the ‘life hacks’ band wagon and should instead have just called this what it is: a way to get free Amazon delivery if your items fall short of the £20 required total. It’s very common to end up with a basket coming to the value of £19.98 or £19.99 so a good way to bump it up is is to add a 1 pence item to your basket to meet the £20 free delivery threshold.

There are a few items costing a penny on the site and they do change on occasion, but if you know a category of item that typically falls at the 1p price point, it’s hard to go too far wrong. Sim Cards are the prime area for this and 1p Sim Cards are sometimes available on the Amazon UK site. Just remember that the item has to be delivered by Amazon to quality.

If you’re a bit further from the £20 free delivery total, then there are plenty of other cheap products to choose from, like this 10p pill box and £1 household essentials like toothpaste. It’s worth adding products you’ll eventually use anyway, rather than pay extra for delivery when you don’t have to. Pennies make pounds, people!



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