Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable Review

If there’s one thing I’m remarkably good at it’s misplacing cables. I’m not  sure how it happens really, as I genuinely do try to leave things in logical places but happen it does! It’s an annoyance that’s for sure, because in day to day life, for work and socially I simply can’t do without my phone, and if I can’t charge it, I can’t use it!

I’m soon going to be heading on my travels, so I figured I could use a new cable to be on the safe side. This one from Anker had good reviews and so I went with it.

The PowerLine+ 6ft Lightning cable is the right size for my needs as I can use the phone while charging it (which is tricky with small cables). The cable is made of durable nylon and certainly looks built to last. That was a big selling point for me, since I’d experienced fraying cables in the past and so want to side step the possibility of that happening again.

On top of this, the cable is fast charging and so even when my battery is low, I’m good to go again before long. It’s so easy to use and an over all good value option from a well respected brand. It ticks all of the right boxes and I’m really happy with it!

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