April £10 Quidco Bonus

We have a couple of Quidco accounts in our family and I’d heard previously that certain accounts are offered a £10 bonus on their next purchase (for purchases over £10 + VAT – so £12 basically) some months. Sure it’s not the world, but it’s ‘free money’ so better than nothing if you already have a purchase planned with a Quidco affiliated retailer anyway.

Unfortunately on previous months we had not been eligable, but this month one of us was. Rejoice! Below is, if eligable, the image you should see when you log into your account:
quido £10 free april

I purchased something from MyProtein that, combined with a 30% off code I found on their site, resulted in a total spend of £5 after the £10 bonus comes through. Dont mind if I do! Offer ends midnight 30th April.

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