Can I Stack Amazon £2.99 Pantry ‘No Rush Delivery’ Credits?

I made  post in April concerning what I described as the ‘Amazon £2.99 Pantry Credit Error‘. In short it meant that when the Amazon No Rush Delivery option (for Amazon Prime Members) had switched from the £1 kindle / video credit to £2.99 towards Amazon Pantry goods, you could stack these pantry credits. The credits were available on orders of the value of £3 or more I believe, so you could make several £3 or other low value orders while this offer was on and get heavily rewarded for your efforts. I was somewhat ensure of whether this was actually intentional or not, as I got very mixed messages from Amazon support on it (some said the credit was solely for the £2.99 delivery cost of pantry boxes, but this was clearly not the case). On this years Amazon Prime Day we were presented with a similar situation once again.

In hope of a 2016 repeat of last year’s pantry freebies, I individually bought a good number of low value items that I would’ve needed to order at some point anyway. Unfortunately, this time around once I received the credit benefits for my orders, I realised that they didn’t stack this time around. This was of course somewhat disappointing, however I needn’t have feared as a couple of days later I received the following email direct from  :

stacking amazon credits

It took a while after sending the email to go live, but I can confirm that it now works and so if you have a good number of Amazon pantry credits, you can stack them to your heart’s content! Amazon Pantry has a tonne of products on offer from food, drink, toiletries and household products too, so it’s a nice bonus when making Amazon purchases and a great deal that most people still don’t even seem to be aware of. Shhhhhhhhh!


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