We have a couple of Quidco accounts in our family and I’d heard previously that certain accounts are offered a £10 bonus on their next purchase (for purchases over £10 + VAT – so £12 basically) some months. Sure it’s not the world, but it’s ‘free money’ so better than nothing if you already have a purchase planned with a Quidco affiliated retailer anyway.

Unfortunately on previous months we had not been eligable, but this month one of us was. Rejoice! Below is, if eligable, the image you should see when you log into your account:
quido £10 free april

I purchased something from MyProtein that, combined with a 30% off code I found on their site, resulted in a total spend of £5 after the £10 bonus comes through. Dont mind if I do! Offer ends midnight 30th April.

‘Pantry’ is a very American term. I have many cupboards and other assorted spaces for this and that, but I’m dead set on the fact that there’s not a pantry in sight around here!! That being said, Amazon.com has had a ‘pantry’ option for a good while now, it’s basically a groceries services offered by Amazon. As with everything in the world ever, it’s gone from being a US only service to a UK and in fact worldwide endevour.

Amazon are always pretty heavy on promotions. Get a credit here, a credit there… if you’re an Amazon Prime member (and in fairness it’s not a bad service, with lots of movies, series, music and the like on offer in addition to their one day deliver option) you are well aware of the fact that if you choose the ‘No Rush Delivery’ option you ‘Get a £1 Amazon Appstore, Digital Video, Kindle Book & Digital Music Credit’. In addition to that, if you buy an album you often get free mp3 versions and with DVDs / Blurays free £1 digital credit.

For a few days though, in a bid to promote their new Pantry service, there was a free £2.99 credit towards their pantry service. From what I’ve been told these credits don’t stack, thyey certainly don’t on the US service. It turns out though that for UK order during this promotion they indeed do or rather did stack. I ordered, individually, a good number of products (DVDs, toiletries etc) around the £3 mark (the minimum required to gain this credit) and managed to gain myself around £50 in credits in the process, which bacially amounts to a free shop.


As I said, on the US site, these creits couln’t be stacked. For now on the UK site it’s been to the £1 kindle credit, but if it returns to the £2.99 amazon pantry credits there’s a chance that once again it will stack, so is a good opportunity to get serious discounts on your weekly shop by individually buying low value items that you would’ve purchased anyway. Keep a look out!