Zero Grid Packing Cubes Travel Organizer Set With Shoe Bag Black

Packing for my travels is something I certainly don’t look forward to. I often find that it’s hard to create any meaningful level of organisation no matter how I fold or position my clothing. I frequently end up needing to ‘re-organise’ because sometimes as soon as open my case, it’s back to square one with a huge mess to deal with.

These compression packing cubes have helped make a big difference during my latest adventure abroad. Primarily I found that they’re useful in that I can seperate different clothes into each cube (in one I placed underwear and ts-hirts, in other trousers and tops). Another big advantage in that the compression technology acts as a real space saver. This is perfect for when there you’re short on space – as I often am when travelling as I try to go with just a carry on bag where possible. This can be especially important due to airport bag size restrictions.

The cubes (1 large, 2 small + shoe bag) have a classy look to them and are very well made indeed. The cubes have a breathable mesh cover, reinforced handle and more. This is a great lightweight item. The life time guarentee shows the company have faith in their product too, and so this provides me with peace of mind!

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